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Basic rules of craps

Unlike sic boss , craps is played with two dice and a dedicated game table. Bets on this game are made for or against the so-called thrower. In all its simplicity, you have to bet on the sum of the number of eyes on the dice and place your own bets based on this. The win is naturally blessed when the bet is placed on the table in a place that, according to the rules and depending on the result after the dice roll, justifies the win.

In craps, it is possible to play one-time bets, in which case the player loses or wins immediately. However, the classic way of playing is the most common and is as follows. Pass line means a bet on behalf of the shooter. The don't pass line is the opposite of the previous one. A player should not play both. A bet on behalf of the thrower wins if he throws on the first roll of 7 or 11. A loss occurs if the throw brings 2, 3 or 12.

If you play a Pass line bet and roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, you get a so-called Point. This is marked on the playing field with a chip that reads ON. This means that the player must renew the Sum Sum before throwing a sevens. If you manage to renew Point, you win money. However, if the sevens come before the point, the money burns.

The Don't pass line bet wins if you roll 2 or 3. If you roll 12, there will be no win or loss and the game will continue as normal. The loss comes if you roll 7 or 11. If you roll 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 on a Don't pass line bet, you get a Point here. It is marked with an On chip. At this point, the player must roll a seven before renewing his point. If you renew a Point before stopping, you lose your bet.

The game round always ends when you win or lose. It is also possible to place other bets during the game. The Lay odds bet can be used if you have bet on the Don't pass line result and received a Point. If a player rolls the number 7 before renewing a Point, the Lay odds bet wins. Take odds is the opposite of the previous one. The point detached from the pass line bet allows the seams to use the Take odds bet. These are very popular betting options due to their payout ratios.