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The roulette game

The roulette game table consists of a grid with inner and outer edges. There are 37 possible items to bet on the inside edge. These are between the numbers 0-36. Half are black and half red. The green number zero is also on the table. There are also eight different number combinations and four other options on the outer edge that allow you to bet on odd / even numbers or black / red.The game round in roulette is started by first placing a bet on the game table. The numbers found on it correlate with the numbers on the outer perimeter of the roulette table. It is possible for the player to place as many bets as they want on the number, color or different types of number combinations.

This is followed by a lottery, in which the person in charge of the game inserts the ball supplying the position of the lottery device in the opposite direction as the roulette wheel rotates. When the ball stops, it becomes clear which of the numbers in the ring it has hit and a distribution of winnings is made between those who bet correctly. Casino games are those where the house always has a certain advantage and roulette is no exception. This is the slice of money that the casino keeps to itself in the long run. At the roulette table, losses and winnings vary very much during a single game session.

In the long run, the 2.7% house advantage of European roulette can be defined quite precisely. With a game amount of 100 euros, 97.3 euros will be returned for bets. In the short term, the numbers will naturally fluctuate in one direction if the other, but the essential thing is to understand that the longer over the house wins. If you play French roulette, the house advantage may be even less if a certain rule only applies at that table.

The En Prison rule lowers the so-called house Edge by 1.35% for those who know. This is the roulette table that is from the most generous player’s perspective. The most important way to optimize your own gaming is to carefully plan your bankroll and wagering. It is essential to play realistically according to your wallet and responsibly, because the risks of losing are always there. Despite being a game of chance, a few strategies can make gaming a little more exciting. The same rule of thumb applies to roulette as it does to many other casino games, such as blackjack . The wins are always higher the harder you play.